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What effect does car sound-absorbing cotton have

2018/8/25 14:01:46

 Car special sound-absorbing cotton thermal spray welding is a variety of material, structure is very fine long tubular fiber, high sound absorption coefficient, flame retardant, bibulous rate is extremely low, no mildewy, non-toxic tasteless, no dust etc, at present this new materials extensively used in many oems have to absorb to reduce the noise produced by the engine and the car.

 When the car outside of the ambient noise and body vibration noise into the sound-absorbing cotton after noise energy across a large number of very fine tubular long fiber and air friction burn, eventually into the in-car noise energy greatly abate, and into the interior noise can also be weakened sound-absorbing cotton absorption to reduce reflection, after construction can clearly feel the effect of sound-absorbing noise after the quiet. This application is also widely used in the acoustical treatment of modern architecture, such as karaoke boxes, listening rooms, etc., and a large number of sound absorbing materials are laid on the indoor wall to absorb sound and reduce the reflection sound to achieve the purpose of quiet and eliminating the echo.

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