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Car insulation

2018/8/25 14:01:08

Automobile sound insulation material is the material designed for automobile noise. The main sound insulation material of automobile is butyl rubber, which belongs to environmental protection damping piece, rubber plastic, EVA/EPDM plate, etc.


For the sources of car noise, different car insulation materials are used, such as doors, roof, Windows, floor plate, rear end box, hood and other parts that are easy to generate car noise. Some sound insulation materials are installed.

Butyl rubber

Production material

Talk about car soundproof material, believe a lot of car owner all hope can inquire clearly soundproof constituent. The primary component of sound insulation to be introduced - butyl rubber, which is the fundamental material of car sound insulation. Shallow butyl rubber is made up of isobutylene and isoprene polymerization in a - 100 echoes of polymer. Halogenated butyl rubber can be prepared by halogenating butyl rubber with chlorine or bromine after differentiation in ethane solvent. The function of butyl rubber first by polyisobutylene main chain and the saturation of bottom structure is selected, the unsaturation is only 0.5% 3.3% (mol) is about 1/50 of the natural rubber. Halogenated butyl rubber is mainly used to make the inner lining of automobile, truck and airplane tires. The limitations of medical bottle stopper, sealing sleeve and medical glue plug. Sweetgum is a very remarkable and witty use of butyl rubber.

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